Want to know what I am reading and reviewed?

Reviews are an important function of my writing process. Here you will get an idea of what I am currently reading and books I have recommended or not as the case may be. You will also find a number of books in the young adult, Junior and childrens category books that come across my desk.

Just click on each book cover to read the review where you can also order the book should you choose to. I do not gain financially from your purchase and my reviews are based on my personal experience with the book in question. You can add interest by commenting on my reviews or sharing it via social media.

At the bottom of this page is a link to my archived review section.

I receive a lot unsolicited review requests and am happy to add them to my e-shelf but as you can understand I cannot possibly review every request that comes my way. Books on my e-shelf have made the cut and I will get to each as time permits.


Currently reading and on my e-shelf

I will list the book I am currently reading here and those books on my e-shelf for review. Why not join me by reading my current selection and post a comment on my 'completed reviews' when uploaded. That way Authors will get a broad view of how their book is being received.

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Fluency Cowl
Pre-publishing review. Currently no link. Warship Zero Hour The Variant Saga